About us


The Institute for Development of Education and Academic Affairs (IDEAA) is a central body in UBT, aiming to enhance the academic development and growth via introducing new and diverse working methodology in teaching, research, mobility and other organizational approaches towards advancement of quality assurance in education and research in different levels of operation.

IDEAA furthermore serves as a dynamic think-tank institution aiming to boost domestic and international education, research and innovation development via introducing and transferring latest approaches and standards which evolve from the most dynamic European and global initiatives.

IDEAA integrates a working approach through enhanced cooperation with governmental key institutions, enterprises and social partners, local and international developing partners, as well via cooperation with a range of international higher education and research partners in joint programs and initiatives, therefore aiming to have an impact of development in Kosovo, region and further.


Core Values and Functions

  • Serves as a policy making hub for UBT and other institutions and organizations;
  • Supports strategic development of UBT and its units;
  • Supports academic, research and professional capacity building for UBT units, as well as other   outside groups of interests;
  • Enhances international cooperation opportunities for UBT in the spheres of academic, research and innovation;
  • Provides outgoing and incoming mobility opportunities for academic staff, researchers and students;
  • Promotes a triple-helix cooperation approach between UBT faculties, UBT research institutes and industry;
  • Provides research and development opportunities in the key UBT sectors;


Organizational Structure


Advisory Board

Executive Committee (EC)



Is composed of eminent local and international institutional representatives, and local and international eminent professors and experts.

Provides support to IDEAA’s strategic development

Meets 2-3 times per year.

The Head of IDEAA is the EC Chair.

Members of EC come from respective IDEAA offices and other respective UBT units/offices/departments.

EC holds regular meetings (at least monthly) to serve the purpose of executive work for IDEAA.